I provide parenting consultation and parent coaching both in person and by phone to facilitate parents’ management of concerns regarding their children.

I offer consultation regarding children at every stage of development from infancy through teenage years. When parents express a need for more direct help in a specific context of their daily lives, I am able to meet them in the natural settings of their lives to offer them more immediate and concrete help in these contexts. For example, I meet families during homework time, during morning routine or bedtime routine, or during outings, etc. as needed to address the concerns that are the focus of their consultation with me. Visiting families in the natural contexts of their lives allows me to observe family dynamics first-hand, to offer parents interventions that are most suitable for their parenting style , and to assist them in implementing those interventions effectively and confidently in the moment.

I am able to provide in-home consultations in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, Hancock Park, Culver City, West Los Angeles, Century City, Studio City, Tarzana, Brentwood, and Santa Monica.

My specializations in the area of parenting consultation are:

  • ADHD (attention, concentration, and hyperactivity concerns)
  • behavioral and conduct issues
  • attachment (optimizing the quality of parent-child relationships)
  • childhood depression
  • fear and anxiety
  • separation difficulties
  • stress-based physical complaints
  • adjustment to various transitions
  • loss, grief, and trauma
  • family conflict
  • divorce
  • school refusal and school behavior issues
  • academic learning difficulties
  • shyness, difficulty making friends
  • bullying, peer interaction problems
  • sleep problem

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