These articles are dedicated to my clients, whose pursuit of their own growth has been an unending source of inspiration for me. Re-living their poignant life experiences with them and witnessing the invaluable changes they have made in their lives has enriched and deepened my work as a psychologist. I am grateful to have accompanied them in their journey of self-exploration and their search for finding and manifesting their true self.

About Couples Relationships

Couples need healthy and productive ways of communicating both their positive and negative feelings.  Disappointments and frustrations that are pushed under the carpet often end up getting expressed in the form of “unintended” actions and words that have a negative tone and are harmful to the couple’s healthy communication as well as the quality of their relationship. read more


Sadness is a normal part of life, but depression gets in the way of our lives or limits our ability to reach our potential.  Sadness comes and goes.  Depression is something that creates a sense of “being stuck.” read more

Defiance in Children

Sometimes the mere act of setting a limit arouses a defiant response. Have you ever had an experience where you tell yourself you are not going to do a certain thing and the next thing you know, you are aching to do that very thing with more fervor than you could ever have imagined? It is commonplace, for example, that when we decide to go on a diet, we feel hungrier than ever; that when we make a resolution not to procrastinate, we feel more in need of taking our time than ever… read more

Anger Management

Anger is a normal part of life and in fact a very worthwhile human emotion.  Anger is an expression of the fact that we do not want something the way it is.  It is an active expression of our disagreement or discomfort with the way things are.  If anger did not exist as part of our emotional vocabulary, we would simply experience the pain of being the passive recipient of the events that we do not like.  Anger allows us to take an active role in relation to such events and allows us to register a protest against them. read more

Tantrums in Toddlers

As children approach the end of their first year of life, they begin having a sense of their own self as an independent person with an independent will.  The emergence of a sense of self also marks the beginning realization that one’s ideas and wishes are not always achievable or attainable.  The complexity of children’s emotions at this age includes the frustration involved in having to face this inherently difficult and possibly painful realization. read more

When Young Childen Say "I Hate You"

Knowing and feeling the difference between intense anger and hate, in the heat of the moment, is a life-long learning task for most of us. Even as mature adults, we may have moments when we experience hateful or even violent feelings towards the people we love dearly. read more

What's Love Got to Do with It?

Whenever parents ask me about disciplining their children, I tell them that discipline has to be carried out in a loving way. Parents often protest, “No, that doesn't work,” or “What does love have to do with discipline?” My response is that for effective and lasting change to occur, our messages to our children have to be delivered in a kind and respectful manner. read more

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