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I am a psychologist with over 20 years of clinical experience in:

  • individual adult therapy
  • couples therapy
  • child therapy
  • parenting consultation

I'm a former faculty of USC and Children's Hospital Los Angeles. My treatment model, in which I have trained and supervised other psychologists, has been recognized as a “Best Practices Model” by the California Institure of Mental Health.

I believe that self-understanding through the lens of compassion is the key to realizing one's potential, to making effective life changes, to healing past wounds, and to reaching personal fulfillment. My approach is supportive, straightforward, and in-depth. I have a strong love and a deep passion for my work as a psychologist. My clients describe me as insightful, compassionate, and dedicated.

Throughout my career I have studied and brought attention to the positive effect of healthy relationships on the individual's sense of self and overall sense of wellbeing. Positive and mutually fulfilling relationships provide support, nurture resilience, and promote healing. At the same time, I believe that within every individual there is a core essence that goes beyond any life experiences or relationships that have influenced that person—a core essence that is not inherited, not learned, and not explained by the person's life events.

This is the unquestionable potential within each individual to see life, to live life, and to get out of life what is uniquely theirs. This potential is often manifested in the person's inherent yearnings and quest for a life that surpasses anything anyone else has modeled or envisioned for them. This quest is what often brings people to psychotherapy and what, in the process of psychotherapy, crystallizes as their sense of a life purpose. My clients are usually people who seek to explore and bring to realization their full inner potential and those who seek to create healthier and more fulfilling relationships in their lives.

Please take a look at my articles under the Articles tab to gain a more experiential sense of my approach to psychotherapy.

I can be reached by phone at 310.614.0760 or by email at drstahl@drstahlpsychologist.com

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